The Events committee creates, designs, and executes programs for the entire NYU residential population. IRHC traditions and events include Flurry, UltraViolet Live, and Moonlight Ball. The events committee works together to keep these traditions alive and create new ones as well.

So, why should I join the IRHC Events Committee?

The answer is quite simple! As a team, members of the IRHC events committee actively design, create, and execute campus-wide events. Being a member of the committee is fun, stimulating, and a hands-on experience that will help enhance your own residence hall’s programming, and build and broaden your creativity, leadership, and marketing skills. If you are creative, energetic, and excited about turning ideas inspired by the team into tangible realities enjoyed and appreciated by an audience of over 12,000 residents then the Events Committee is the place for you.

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The Communications Committee is the voice of the Inter-Residence Hall Council. This committee is responsible for all things branding, marketing, and design, including engaging social media content creation, maintaining the Inter-Residence Hall Council website, and creating advertisements and flyers for various IRHC programs & events.

So, why should I join the IRHC Communications Committee?

If you love spreading the word about the IRHC to residents and the NYU community, this committee is for you! As a member of the Communications Committee, you will be a part of managing IRHC's social media accounts, event photography, brainstorming design ideas, and more to over 12,000 residents. You will also be in close collaboration with the events committee to ensure our events turn out a roaring success. 

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The Service Committee is a group that defines itself as students who exude their civic duty to provide service and leadership opportunities for NYU students while creating meaningful relationships with the surrounding New York City community.

So, why should I join the Service Committee?

The Service Committee is comprised of NYU residence hall leaders whose goal is to create community service opportunities for NYU’s residential students. The IRHC Service Committee provides an opportunity for you to develop your leadership capabilities, and most importantly have fun by giving back to the community.

The Service Committee is currently involved in several projects, such as:

B+ Dance Marathon: NYDM is a year-long effort to raise awareness and funds to help fight childhood cancer. Every fall, this effort culminates in a 12-hour dance marathon. The funds raised benefit The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, an organization which provides financial and emotional support for children and families battling pediatric cancer. In addition, the organization provides funding for pediatric cancer research with the goal of finding a way to mitigate the physical pain experienced by those living with the disease. 

Relay for Life: Each Spring, NYU students join with the American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer. This overnight fundraising event aims at spreading the awareness of cancer prevention, treatments and cures, celebrate survivorship, and raise money for cancer research.

Day of Service: A day full of service in the fall and spring where NYU students participate in various volunteer projects to make a positive impact on their communities.

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The Residential Advocacy Committee serves as the voice of all residential students concerning administrative policy at New York University. As a committee it is our job is to protect the rights of residents, and to maintain and improve the residential experience. The Residential Advocacy committee has played an active role in shaping several residential initiatives.

So, why should I join the Advocacy Committee?

If you seek to address a specific issue, or wish to advocate on behalf of your peers and take an active role in the policy-making process with administrators, the Residential Advocacy committee has a lot to offer you!

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The Conference Committee is responsible for maintaining correspondence with all colleges and universities nationwide. The Conference Committee concentrates on several aspects of residential life, including recognition, policy exchange, facility improvement, and community service. In conjunction with the National Residence Hall Honorary, members of the Conference Committee attends two sub-regional conferences held within the New York region, two regional conferences held within the northeastern region, and one end-of-the-year national conference. All regional conferences convene institutions holding membership in NEACURH (Northeastern Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls), which is an organization inclusive of schools in the state of New York and the New England region. NEACURH is also one of the 8 Affiliates in NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) and serves to provide correspondence between institutions of its region.

So, why should I join the Conference Committee? 

Participating in conferences through Conference Committee can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you have at NYU! As a delegate, you can take part in the spirit that is residential life, form valuable connections, and meaningful relationships with students from other schools, and most importantly– represent and advertise NYU as an amazing institution achieving great things. So join in on Conference Committee, it will truly improve your outlook on residential life!

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The Inter-Residence Hall Council provides monetary support to NYU organizations, including residence-hall councils and clubs, that offer programmatic experiences that strengthen and enhance the NYU residential community. The IRHC Co-Sponsorship Committee hears all requests for funds and, if needed, presents the requests to the IRHC general assembly. 

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Co-sponsorship form and guidelines are located here.