Meet the Executive Board

Meet the members of IRHC's E-Board...


Antonella Cotilletta

Antonella is a senior majoring in Politics in the College of Arts and Science. She is also a member of the NYU Varsity Track and Field team. Antonella plans on attending law school after graduation. She is #blessed to be serving as President after 3 years of being on IRHC. She loves soppressata. 




co-vice president of events

Karan Ganta

Karan is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at the Tandon School of Engineering. Karan is also the Treasurer of the Tandon Undergraduate Student Council, as well as the Chair of the Student Technology Committee at NYU ("ooo", "ahhhh"). He loves Batman. 



co-vice president of events

Kyle Haynes

Kyle is a sophomore majoring in Math Education at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Not only is he the Residential Life Dancer Development Chair for NYDM, he is also an impressive drag enthusiast and lover of all things sloth-related.



vice president of training and development

Tom Fogle

Tom is a junior majoring in Computer Science and Math at the College of Arts and Science. He's tall, AND he's smart. What a combination! Tom also loves the number four and will gladly explain why to anyone who asks. So, please, don't ask. 

vice president of communications

Duncan Lemieux

Duncan is a freshman majoring in Real Estate at the School of Professional Studies. He is also an avid fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. Once graduated from NYU, Duncan plans to pursue his M.B.A or attend law school...whatever pays the bills. 



Co-vice president of advocacy

Tayler Everts

Tayler is a sophomore majoring in Dramatic Writing at the Tisch School of the Arts. She is a lover of all performance art - from Broadway to a back alley shows. She is also the President of the NYU Taxidermy Club (just kidding).



Co-vice president of advocacy

Shawn Kshatriya

Shawn Kshatriya is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the Tandon School of Engineering. In his spare time, he selflessly founded the "renowned" Karan Ganta Fan Club. Despite his admirable marketing and promotional efforts, he is still the only member.   





vice president of business administration

Shraddha Jajal

Shraddha is a sophomore majoring in Economics and Mathematics at the College of Arts and Science. In addition to her astounding mathematical skills, Shraddha speaks four languages fluently, has been dancing since she was nine, and has FBI-level investigation skills.





Shriya Khonde

Shriya is a sophomore majoring in Business and Technology Management at the Tandon School of Engineering. Shriya loves mac & cheese, avocado, ranch, and orange chicken. If you think her face is pretty, wait until you see her feet - rumor has it used to be toe model. She also has a deathly fear of birds.





Our new and improved Housie made a splashy debut in 2016. Since then, Housie has become something of a celebrity on campus, and is deeply loved by people and plush houses alike.