Meet the Executive Board

Meet the members of IRHC's E-Board...


Karan Ganta

Karan is a junior majoring in Computer Science at the Tandon School of Engineering. He is proud to be the first Tandon IRHC President, he hopes he can bridge together the Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses ("it's manhattan campus, not main campus") as well as IRHC and the individual hall councils. He loves long walks along the beach, being dead inside, and of course res life!!!! *Spoiler Alert* He was Batman in his past life.

vice president of Recognition and development

Sarah McReynolds

Sarah is a Sophomore majoring in Metropolitan Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. In her position as the Vice President of Recognition and Development, she works closely with the National Residence Hall Honorary in its commitment to recognition and service. She enjoys traveling, kayaking, and paddle-boarding. Sarah also firmly believes that coffee is the lifeblood that drives the dreams of champions, and has a lat-te of excitement about the coming year.

vice president of business administration

Brooke Mitchell

Brooke is a second-year Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering student at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. After her undergraduate degree, she hopes to attain a masters in Biomedical Engineering. As the self-proclaimed queen of spread sheets and organization, she makes spreadsheets for literally everything IRHC and non IRHC related.


Mia Castillo

Mia is a senior (sadly) in the college of arts and science majoring in religious studies. This is her third year involved in IRHC - we love a #reslifequeen ! Her many passions include plantains, her curls, and assisting youth affected by the carceral system. She can also clap with one hand.

co-vice president of events

Caleb Martin

Caleb is a second-year student studying Neural Science on the pre-med track in the College of Arts and Science. Outside of IRHC, Caleb is involved with NRHH, Alternative Breaks, Peer Health Exchange, and is an Admissions Ambassador. He is close with his family (especially his twin brother, Christian (hi Christian)), a Disney enthusiast, a Friends fanatic, and a Minnesota aficionado.  Seriously. Mention Minnesota to him, if you dare.

co-vice president of events

Cheyenne Quintela

Cheyenne is a sophomore majoring in Linguistics in the College of Arts of Science. She is also a member of NRHH. You'll probably catch her listening to K-Pop, watching Buzzfeed; Unsolved, and waiting for the next Avengers to come out.

Co-vice president of advocacy

Laura Kang

Laura is a sophomore pursuing neuroscience and psychology on the pre-med track in the College of Arts and Science. In her free time, she watches too many Youtube videos, Korean dramas when she can dedicate her life to binging 16 episodes at once, and Friends for the 11th time. Also, she looks mad/intimidating most of the time, but she isn't! That's just her face! So talk to her whenever!

Co-vice president of advocacy

Jesse maloney

Jesse is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the Tandon School of Engineering. Outside of the Inter-Residence Hall Council, he is also a varsity athlete on the NYU Rowing team and an Undergraduate Admissions Ambassador. After graduation, you can catch Jesse at JFK boarding the earliest flight to year round sunny (and warm) Los Angeles.

Vice President of Communications

Shehara Ranasinghe

Shehara is a sophomore majoring in Integrated Digital Media at the Tandon School of Engineering. She loves graphic design, Adidas, kittens, and of course res life!!! You'll either catch her at the Brooklyn promenade listening to SYRE and One Direction (#directioner4lyfe), in her room watching random you tube videos, or editing this website!!!!



Our new and improved Housie made a splashy debut in 2016. Since then, Housie has become something of a celebrity on campus, and is deeply loved by people and plush houses alike. Housie is an icon!!