Dear Students of NYU,

On behalf of the Inter-Residence Hall Council (IRHC), I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the IRHC website. The IRHC, like the University, is constantly changing and adapting as needed. Currently, we are working towards one of IRHC’s constant goals of continually interacting with our residents by establishing this website. We are proud to have this online community which can be used interactively between the IRHC and residents.

Getting involved in the Inter-Residence Hall Council is simple. During the month of September, every residence hall within NYU holds an election process for individual hall councils. Anyone can run for a position within the hall councils. If you do not want to be on the executive council, each floor within the halls has a representative who attends general assembly meetings held in the halls weekly. Even if you do not want to represent your floor, you have the additional option of attending these meetings, voicing your concerns, or hearing about all the events going on within your community.

The IRHC meets every Tuesday evening (7:30 PM) in Palladium, and we are constantly looking for resident input. I invite you to look around the site and contact your hall staff if you are interested in becoming active with the IRHC. Change needs to start somewhere, and the IRHC has the power and functionality to be a voice for you and residents of NYU. Please contact us with any concerns you have or any ideas to make your residential experience here at NYU better.

Antonella Cotilletta
Former IRHC President