UVL WInners


UltraViolet Live turned 15 in 2018. To commemorate the anniversary, IRHC renamed the UVL grand prize after Thomas Ellett who created UVL in 2003. The Thomas Ellett UltraViolet Live Grand Prize Winner is awarded $1000 and receives an oversized check featuring Ellett's likeness. A perpetual plaque featuring the names of all Thomas Ellett UltraViolet Live Grand Prize Winners is housed in the central Residential Life & Housing Services office."

2019 Winners

Thomas Ellett UltraViolet Live Grand Prize Winner - Liv Rocklin (Founders)

Best Original Song/Arrangement - Laura Galindo & The Boys (Senior House)

Best Cover Song/Arrangement - Cacien (Commuters)

Best Variety - Alexander Zemaitis (Greenwich)

Audience Choice - Danny Wu (Carlyle)

2018 Winners

Thomas Ellett UltraViolet Live Grand Prize Winner - Zeborah (Senior House)

Best Original Vocals - Sebastian Coloma (RA Council)

Best Cover Vocals - Alexis Gonzalez (Founders)

Best Variety - Chris Wheeler (Abu Dhabi)

Audience Choice - Johaan Abraham (Alumni/7A)


2017 winners

Winner - Khaya Cohen (Palladium)

Best Vocals - Naomi Boico (Coral)

Best Variety - Alfonzo Khalil (Gramercy)

Audience Choice - Amir Shaaban (Carlyle)


2016 Winners

Winner - Issac Lopez (Third North)

Best Vocals - Kiera Simmons (Abu Dhabi)

Best Variety - Donna Gary (Rubin)

Audience Choice - Michael Jide (Brooklyn)


2015 Winners

Winner - Yasmin Williams (Palladium)

Best Band/Group - Austin Davidson/Ben Chavez (Coral)

Best Solo Performance - (Julia Gilson)

Best Variety - Sam Kang (Alumni/7A)

Audience Choice - Moonie Sohn (Abu Dhabi)


2014 Winners

Winner - Jonathan Evans (Weinstein)

Best Band/Group - Like Fake Humans (Gramercy)

Best Solo Performance - Sasha Atlas (Lipton)

Best Variety - Tima Akimtegi (Abu Dhabi)

Audience Choice - Pulse Dance Project (Senior House)


2013 Winners

Winner - Tyler Johnson (Carlyle)

Best Band/Group - EVITA [Evelyn Kone Haettenschwiller] (Rubin)

Best Solo Performance - Jacob Schmid - Lafayette

Audience Choice - With Snack (Third North)


2012 Winners

Winner - James Livengood (Founders)

Best Band/Group - Grace Kelly (Rubin)

Best Solo Performance - Rahm Silverglade (Third North)

Best Variety - Tate Gregor (Brittany)

Audience Choice - Phoebe Ryan (UHall)


2011 Winners

Winner - EMEFE [ (Carlyle)

Best Band/Group - Telephone [Dimitri, Alex, Alex, Tara] (Founders)

Best Solo Cover - Bridgette Bazunu (Grad Halls)

Best Variety - Allison Schieler (7A)

Best Solo Original - AJ Smith (Gramercy)


2010 Winners

Winner - Andrew Flockhart (UHall)

2nd Place - David Sangillo (7A)

3rd Place -  Shaun Sim (Weinstein)


2009 winners

Winner - Brandyn Burnette (Goddard)

2nd Place - David Sangillo (Lipton)

3rd Place - Andrew Flockhart (Weinstein)


2008 Winners

Winner - Ken Zhao & John Leung (Brittany)

2nd Place - Michael Elias (Lafayette)

3rd Place - Matt Palmer (26th Street) & Andrea Kannes (Broome)


2007 Winners

Winner - Kris Nolte (Brittany)

2nd Place - Tina Kaku (Second Street)

3rd Place - Grayson Sanders (UHall)


2006 Winners

Winner - Patrick Terry (University Court)

2nd Place - David Collura (Rubin)

3rd Place - Andres Cardona (third North)


2005 winners

Winner - Stephanie Magloire & Thomas Costello (Greenwich)

2nd Place - Funky Butter (Lipton)

3rd Place - Stefani Germanotta [Lady Gaga] (Third North)


2004 Winners

Winner - Katrina Thompson (Brittany)

2nd Place - Nick Fox (Alumni/7A)

3rd Place - Aaron Yuan (Palladium)